«In Practice»: Submission Platform for social requests

Metlen, in line with its commitment to operate responsibly, is continuing steadfastly to take initiatives that contribute to society. During the last 13 years (2010-2022), the company has invested more than €29m covering a wide range of social issues, responding to its role as integral member of the Greek society, actively contributing to mitigating the impacts of the economic crisis. 

In 2016, MYTILINEOS has redefined its social role aiming at creating added value for society, contributing to balanced economic and social growth. In this context, the company proceeded with development of a system for the better Management and Implementation of its Social Policy titled “IN PRACTICE”. Through this system MYTILINEOS is strategically pursuing its wider activation through selected actions in social areas that are directly related to a) the culture and its business values, b) the social impacts of its business activity, c) the significant social needs as well as d) the Global Sustainable Development Goals.

At the same time, reinforcing its constructive relationship it has built over time with various social partners, MYTILINEOS revised its internal procedures, to define a new approach to managing social requests, with the aim of strengthening transparency and improving the quality of the CSR practices it undertakes. To this end, an open procedure is introduced via the company’s official website, where social partners proposals are submitted as follows:

  1. MYTILINEOS will accept and evaluate proposals which will be submitted only using the on-line application procedure.
  2. Once successfully submitted, proposals will be evaluated by the competent Sponsorships & Social Programs Committee, using specific criteria that also serve as safeguards to ensure actions with an increased social value and the achievement of the company's defined strategic objectives.
  3. Based on the evaluation ranking, contact will be made with the applicant organisation, either to request the submission of additional information or to arrange a meeting with the organisation’s representatives, if required, so that a final decision is made.
  4. Applicant organisations will be informed of the outcome of their application by email (using the contact details they have entered for the person designated as the responsible contact person), within five (5) weeks at the latest from the date of submission of their proposals.

As part of the continuous effort for better possible and valid information of all Stakeholders, MYTILINEOS proceeded to the creation of an informative microsite "Sustainability Actions Map", capturing the value of the key programs and actions which has implemented and continues to implement as a company in the context of its responsible operation, aiming to positively influence the world around us.