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Metlen Energy & Metals is a global industrial and energy company covering two business Sectors: Energy and Metallurgy. The Company is strategically positioned at the forefront of the energy transition as an integrated utility, while already established as a reference point for competitive green metallurgy at the European and global level. It has a consolidated turnover and EBITDA of €6.35 billion and €823 million, respectively, and employs more than 5,442 direct and indirect employees in Greece and abroad.

The history of Metlen kicked off at the beginning of the 20th century. It was founded as the MYTILINEOS Group in Greece in 1990, as an evolution of the old metallurgical family business that had been operating since 1908. In 1995, it was listed on the Athens Stock Exchange, while participating in the FTSE 25 high capitalization index.

In 2017, the parent company MYTILINEOS absorbed its subsidiaries (Aluminion of Greece, METKA, Protergia), forming a large-scale industrial and energy Greek multinational company, which multiplied its size, expanded its activities to all five continents, and improved its credit rating. In 2022, the new corporate transformation created MYTILINEOS Energy & Metals, an even more dynamic and flexible company, geared towards the energy transition and digital transformation trends, based on sustainable development and circular economy.

The new transformation involves two business Sectors, Energy and Metallurgy, which are fully interconnected and are complementing each other while allowing for synergies that unlock multiple value.

In the Energy Sector, Metlen is the largest Greek private company, active in the entire spectrum of energy. It constitutes an integrated energy utility at international level, from the development, construction and operation of thermal units and RES projects, design, and construction of electricity infrastructure projects, to the retail supply of electricity and natural gas, supply and trading of natural gas and the provision of competitive energy products and services (energy efficiency and integration, smart cities services and hydrogen projects etc.). The Company’s structure now includes five new activities: M Renewables where the entire renewable energy portfolio is consolidated, M Energy Generation & Management for the management of generation and power plants, M Energy Customer Solutions or retail supply of energy and natural gas as well as new retail products and services, M Integrated Supply & Trading for B2B customers and M Power Projects for conventional electricity generation projects, energy transition projects etc.

Metlen is also a leader in the Metallurgy industry. Operating the only vertically integrated bauxite, alumina, and primary aluminium production unit across the EU with privately owned port facilities and the largest electricity cogeneration unit, Metlen has dynamically entered the sector of recycled aluminium and zinc-lead recycling. The new structure of the industry includes the following: Delphi-Distomo producer of bauxite, the Aluminium of Greece plant with an annual production capacity of over 190,000 tonnes of aluminium and 860,000 tonnes of alumina, EP.AL.ME, which is the biggest independent producer of recycled aluminium (recast), the Volos plant for heavy and composite metal structures and the Sometra plant for the metallurgy of lead and zinc.

In 2021, underlining its commitment to sustainability, Metlen became the first Greek company setting solid targets and being committed to minimizing its carbon footprint, paving the way for a greener and more environmentally friendly industry, according to ESG performance indices for Environment, Society and Governance. In particular, Metlen has pledged to minimize its carbon footprint, aiming to reduce its total direct and indirect CO2 emissions by at least 30% by 2030, compared to 2019 levels, while by 2050 the Company is committed to achieving net zero emissions across its entire business activity.

In line with its tangible efforts to promote sustainable development, it has announced its participation in the global Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and has joined the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.


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MYTILINEOS Energy & Metals

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Our Vision, Mission and Values ​​is the compass of the company that contributes to the achievement of corporate goals and sustainable excellence, creating value for the company itself, for the shareholders, employees, but also for the entire Greek Economy.